Moon Star Properties (Pvt.) Ltd. is a growing land developer of modern buildings that are the representations of architecture at its best.  We started our journey in 2010 and since then, we have relentlessly pursued Strength, Reliability, Longevity without compromise.  We desire to establish our name in the real estate sector.

Moon Star Properties (Pvt.) Ltd. has built luxurious apartments in many prime locations of Dhaka. We do not compromise when it comes to locations, selection of architects, technology, engineering, eco-friendliness, construction materials, systematic monitoring and reliable after-sales service. Most importantly, all the projects are built as per approval drawing of RAJUK and in compliance with the BNBC. As member of REHAB we also abide the code of conduct of this organization. When planning the structural designs, climatic conditions and changing trends receive our top consideration.


We look beyond the physical and geographical domains and its scope extends way beyond just building four concrete walls. We address the ever-changing trend and need of a transitional community. Our commitment to shape up a country that knows and acknowledges a lifestyle that is not limited to only living; but a lifestyle that solely concentrates on living standards.